Tuhan, aku mahu mengulang kenangan

I am saving my money to buy you a raw potato,
I will scrub it with my nailbrush and bathe it in my basin,
I will cut out your initials from its smooth brown jacket,
I will gift-wrap it in pink and tie it with pink ribbons,
I will place it in a shoe box on a bed of tissue paper,
I will deliver it to your doorsteps wearing pink shoes,
You will stare at it crossly at first, as if it were a baby,
You will take it inside quickly to stop the neighbours staring,
You will not know where to put it,
You will be afraid to hold it,
You will hide it in your bedroom, to protect it from stray glances,
It will live in the furthest corner forever, and embarrass you…

…by Sophie Hannah

Quite a cute short movie, actually.

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